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Founded in 1998, Juniper Street Productions has become an industry leader in providing production management for Broadway, across

 North America, and internationally.

Juniper Street has strong ties within the theatre community in New York. The scope of these relationships includes Producers, General Managers, Designers, and Production Personnel. Juniper Street also enjoys an excellent reputation within the theatrical support industry, having worked closely throughout the years with all major Lighting, Audio/Video, Scenery and Automation vendors.

Scope of Services include:

  • Facilitate and coordinate communication among all departments to foster collaboration

  • Determine technical needs for all backstage departments

  • Budgeting of physical production and labor requirements

  • Create and maintain a detailed schedule of technical events

  • Ensure that the artistic needs of the creative team are met

  • Provide feasibility studies for projects in development

  • Coordination with venues, overseeing necessary renovations

  • Bid and negotiate for construction, lease, and purchase of production elements

  • Review and award contracts for physical elements of production

  • Ensure installation and fabrication adheres to industry standards and local regulations

  • Develop and implement safety protocols

  • Coordinate freight and logistics for local, national, and international shipments

  • Provide onsite supervision during all phases of production from installation, through rehearsals to Opening Night

  • Providing ongoing day to day support and long-term monitoring throughout the operation of the show

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